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The originating culprits for much of Muppletone's sonic injustice are guitarists Aaryn Russell and James Shepherd. The two met in Phoenix where they lived together and began building a refuge for musicians to free themselves from form constraints. Refining their music and style, they moved to Austin where they recorded 12Ft. Jackie Chan, 72 minutes of pure sonic experimentation. Austin also brought the initiation of new members Benny Gonzales, on bass, April Stephens, violin, Gabe Perez,turntables, and Stirling Snow on drums. In 2002, Muppletone released, Saxifrage. The bands' first album to change the format from fully improvised music to composition forms. Gabe left to peruse the West and Stirling moved to Nashville. Jason White joined the family and another new direction was taken that ultimately culminated in what would become Muppletone's next album. In 2004, April left to give birth to her wonderful daughter. She now plays with Ray Prim. Violinist Phil Davidson joined for their newest and most cohesive disc to date, 2004's Let One Pump. As of 2015, Jason and Benny have moved on and Muppletone has brought Mike Ded on drums and Josh Robins on bass along with Jon Dishong on sound manipulations. Another album is lurking..... Viva the after dinner sausage revolution!


At times Muppletone is a symphonic, classic horror spectacle. You can see their music as a soundtrack for a Miles Davis, smack inspired, delusion of a future world where jazz, rock, classical, and Gypsy music combine in a sublime guilty pleasure. Experimental? Yes, but without the pitfalls of self-indulgence. "Saxifrage" is a smart, evolved, atmospheric, and sometimes-humorous collection of various styles put through the Muppletone rock machine. One thing is for sure; Muppletone is the cure for all things that are less than extraordinary,

-John Moyer, bassist of Disturbed

full-size 8x10

...Austin's own Muppletone, whose creepy, meandering compositions remind me of Steve Reich (a minimalist, classical composer and a favorite of mine) with elements of Mr. Bungle. They scare some folks- they entertain me. . . . Thereafter is Muppletone, who can be summed up in two words: fantastically creepy. Combining Middle Eastern-ish melodies with careful attention to textural detail, this band builds their brand of instrumental music to a point of tension that could easily act as a soundtrack to a David Lynch film. Whee.

-Chris Grady, Flamingo Cantina